Communication design.

Starting at $30/hour

We collect master banners, prepare resizes, adapt to the requirements of the sites, make stubs, go through moderation

Our manager will contact you within half an hour

The agreed price will not change

Payment once a month, we work without prepayments

We provide reports every week, in touch 24/7

We will help
and promptly pick up

Advertising Banners



Email Newsletter Design

Design of Social Networks

Presentation Design

Promo Page Design

3d Illustrations

Design for E-Commerce Products

Our work

The process of creating banners

We discuss tasks
and forms of payment

Fill out a brief of 5 questions, find out everything you need to create banners. We evaluate the task, taking into account the brief and media plan. We discuss the payment format and sign the contract

We develop banners according to the media plan

We assemble the master banner, prepare storyboards of all sizes, animate master banner resizes, adapt them to the technical requirements of the sites, make stubs, prepare statics and videos for social networks

Creating a master banner concept

We collect materials: we select a font if there is no branded one; select and buy stock photos/illustrations; we process the purchased photos/illustrations. Cut, change color, combine, unique.

From the information in the brief, client files, materials that we have collected, we develop a storyboard. At this stage, the design of the banner, text, arrangement of elements, sequence of scenes are formed.

We transfer banners
and accompany moderation

We transfer all materials with a link to Google Drive, which is never deleted. You can always return to the files if lost.
If moderation does not accept banners, we will make the necessary changes for free on the same day

Tools we use


Animating HTML5 banners, preparing resizes


We process images, cut out objects


Preparing statics, storyboards and stubs

Final Cut Pro

Edit video, add music and voice acting

Media Encoder

Processing and converting video


Working with vector illustrations

After Effects

Add effects to video when needed

Clients who use our services on a regular basis


other clients

Making high quality animation

We know how to animate any static object, just trust us

Convert any photo in motion

The client send static image, we split them into separate objects and add animations to key parts of the image

Revive what can't be resurrected

If the object in the image is not alive, we will add movement to the camera, add highlights or add objects according to the meaning

Create a vector animation

We will take your assets or find some stuff on stocks. We will animate all the details and objects that should attract attention